First and foremost, process server software must be user-friendly. If you and your process servers cannot use the software, then it is rendered ineffective.

Best way to tell if a software is user-friendly right away:

  • Dashboard Overview
  • Clearly labeled sections
  • Obvious steps to add jobs
  • Available Support Team

One way to see how user-friendly a software is, is to check out their reviews.

Applicable Features

There are many aspects of process serving that a software must take into account. GPS Tracking, collaboration, custom affidavits, and just some of the features that modern process service software needs.

Think about your work flow and what you need to get the job done. However, keep in mind that updating your workflow (and therefore cutting out a few steps) may be the sign of a modern software that will save you time.


Process servers deal with sensitive legal information as well as payment methods. It is crucial that the software remains secure to keep this information out of dangerous hands.

Be sure that your process server software has bank-level security. Server-side encryption and private URLs are a necessity for any process service software.

Additionally, make sure that not only is your software secure, but provides regular backups of your data so nothing will be lost.


"Availability" has many meanings when it comes to process server software. First, is the team that supports the software readily available during business hours? Can you email support and get answers to your questions?

Another important aspect of availability is whether or not you can access the software on the road. Being able to input job information during the actual serve can save time. Make sure you can access the data through a mobile-device.

What software fits all the requirements?



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